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Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Aboot The Mayor

A few questions about Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto who yesterday admitted that he has smoked crack cocaine, but brushed criticism aside and announced he'll run for re-election next fall:
  • If Ford thinks smoking crack while in a drunken stupor wasn't a big deal, what does he say to everyone who's been arrested and convicted and jailed in his city for doing the exact same thing?
  • How long is the statue of limitations on that crime? Can he be prosecuted for it?
  • How often has he found himself -- or been found by others -- in a drunken stupor?
  • How many liters of Labatt's Blue did that take?
  • How often did those drunken stupors lead to consumption of an entire Crave Case of White Castle sliders?
  • Will any politician ever learn that denying the existence of photos or video showing them doing something illegal is always a bad idea, because the footage will always surface, proving them a liar?
  • Has Ford been getting advice on how to act in office from Marion Barry?
  • Will he sit down for an interview with ABC's Elizabeth Vargas when she gets out of rehab for her alcohol addiction?