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Monday, April 28, 2014

Worth A Link

  • Last week, when Seth Meyers was named this year's Emmy Awards host, I was going to write about what an uninspired choice he was. But while I was procrastinating, Elisabeth Donnelly said everything I was going to say. Her piece should be titled, "Really, Lorne? Really?"
  • David Cay Johnston explains how rich sports team owners get corporate welfare from cities to build new arenas and stadiums, but never want those tax breaks to expire.
  • Tootie was fired for talking dirty on the job, but when her boss didn't want to pay her unemployment insurance because of her inappropriate language for the workplace, she showed a judge how the owner had the store's shelves stocked with dirty jokes.
  • Minneapolis has become the first city to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day.
  • Your Tax Dollars In Action: Jacob Siegel reveals the single federal contractor that got most of the money we spent to rebuild Afghanistan -- despite a long history of corruption, ineptness, and charges of supplying child prostitutes to officials.