Next He'll Do 15¢ Dimes

I won't be on the air tomorrow because of the holiday (although I'll be on the KTRS morning show all next week), but if I were, this is certainly one of the stories I'd include in Knuckleheads In The News®, although I'm not 100% convinced this isn't a hoax.

A company called Washboard, which sold US quarters at a premium (37.5¢ each) -- for people who needed the coins to do laundry -- has gone out of business after just two weeks. Founder Caleb Brown says,
Nearly 100% of the internet thought Washboard was an absolutely absurd concept. I had a very difficult time convincing people the service was even real but we did have customers that were excited for it. I apologize to those folks but we have decided to shut down Washboard. While I am sad to see it go so quickly, I'm excited to be focusing my energy on something ultimately more worthwhile.
It's hard to believe he wasn't able to make a million dollar idea like that work -- in exchange for $1.5 million, of course.