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Thursday, August 07, 2014

Best Thing I've Read Today

Check out Adam Higginbotham's story of the day a Nevada casino discovered that someone had installed a gigantic bomb inside the building, and the reaction of the experts and cops who raced to disarm it after reading the ominous ransom letter that accompanied it:

Do not move or tilt this bomb, because the mechanism controlling the detonators will set it off at a movement of less than .01 of the open end Ricter scale. Don’t try to flood or gas the bomb. There is a float switch and an atmospheric pressure switch set at 26.00-33.00. Both are attached to detonators. Do not try to take it apart. The flathead screws are also attached to triggers...WARNING: I repeat do not try to move, disarm, or enter the bomb. It will explode.
Read the story here.