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Monday, November 24, 2014

Live Tweeting Ferguson

After the announcement by St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Bob McCulloch that the grand jury had decided not to indict Officer Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown in Ferguson three months ago, I began live tweeting while things quickly went sour as the peaceful protesters lost the spotlight to thugs making trouble:

  • As predicted, instigators are doing exactly the opposite of what Mike Brown's parents requested.
  • Because of them, peaceful protesters with valid complaints get no TV attention. Fire + smoke = media coverage.
  • I'll bet that the looters and people attacking the police car are NOT Ferguson residents. Wish TV would show the quiet locals protesting.
  • TV outlets so predictable: Look, fire! How about zooming out on the copter cam to show us the whole area that's not aflame?
  • I don't understand why McCulloch made the announcement tonight instead of tomorrow morning. Visuals would be SO different.
  • Watching looters breaking into stores on CNN, I wonder what they would say to Mike Brown's parents. That's not protesting, that's stealing.
  • Authorities promised to protect lives and property in Ferguson. Why no Nat'l Guard along those storefronts?
  • I'll never understand how looting and destroying businesses in your neighborhood helps make anyone's case. What's that message?
  • To protestors shutting down I-44: congrats -- by inconveniencing innocent drivers, you're going to change what again?
  • Once again, I return to the requests for peace by Mike Brown's parents being ignored by looters and arsonists in Ferguson. Shame on you.
  • A lot of Ferguson residents will be out of work now that their businesses have been burned or looted. Happy Holidays from the instigators!
  • Ferguson and StL County police had months to plan for tonight, but have proven again they have no idea how to protect their small town.
  • FINALLY, TV outlets are showing footage of PEACEFUL protesters marching down the street in Shaw area. No violence, no looting.
  • Squirrel!!! And, just as I typed that, the cameras went right back to something on fire.
  • Mayor of Ferguson now asking Gov. Nixon to deploy Nat'l Guard in his city. What the hell took so long?
  • At least six businesses have been set on fire in Ferguson tonight. Why would their owners ever want to re-open there?
  • My last tonight: imagine what it'll be like for parents in Ferguson to explain tonight to their kids. Can a new day dawn there? We'll see.