Jimmy Fallon's Bad Night With Nicole Kidman

It's rare that anything spontaneous happens on late night TV talk shows, but this segment of Jimmy Fallon's show last night might be an exception.

His first guest was Nicole Kidman, who he had not seen since an encounter several years ago when a friend arranged for her to go to Fallon's apartment, ostensibly to talk about doing a movie. What Fallon didn't know was that Kidman agreed to the meeting because she was attracted to him -- at least before she got there. As she told her side of the story of that night, it finally dawned on Fallon what was really going on and what an opportunity he'd blown all those years ago (I'm guessing it was in 2005, when Kidman made the horrible big-screen version of "Bewitched," four years after she divorced Tom Cruise and a year before she married Keith Urban). Fallon's obvious embarrassment made for some very good television...

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