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Friday, November 06, 2015

Ben Carson Wikipedia

I don't want to say Ben Carson has been embellishing stories from his life, but he's just been endorsed by Brian Williams. Meanwhile, the Twitterverse is having fun creating facts for #BenCarsonWikipedia:

  • Some respected scientists believe that aliens built Mount Everest to get closer to heaven.
  • Susan B. Anthony was a robot.
  • Stonehenge is a game of Jenga abandoned by giants.
  • Kangaroos were the first to sink during the great flood because they have pouches that filled up with water.
  • The Amazon is the longest river named after a corporation.
  • The Taj Mahal was originally built as a handball court.
  • A magnet’s strength is determined by the blood type of the person holding it.
  • Fish pee is especially salty which is where salt water comes from. Before fish everything was fresh water.
  • The moon's high concentration of cheese puts all at risk from giant space mice.
  • The term algorithm is named after Al Gore, the inventor of the internet
  • If you punch a tiger hard enough it explodes into kittens.
  • It takes 14 metric pancakes to shingle a doghouse.
  • If you carry a lizard in your pocket, you will be able to see at night.
  • The Earth is filled with Helium, and that is how we stay in space.
  • The Chinese built the Great Wall of China using dragon power. Their remains are intombed inside it, to this very day.