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Saturday, November 07, 2015

David Evanier on Woody Allen

Here's my conversation with David Evanier, author of the new Woody Allen biography, "Woody." Our conversation ranged from Allen's early days in standup and television through his nearly-half-century movie-making career. Among our topics:
  • How he got an initially reticent Allen to sit down for an interview;
  • Allen's screen image vs. real life.
  • The older man/younger woman theme that has recurred so many times in his movies;
  • Allen's reputation for writing good female characters;
  • How Andrew Dice Clay ended up in one of his movies;
  • Whether Allen cares about his movies' commercial success or holds any of them in high regard;
  • His work as an actor in other people’s movies, including "The Front," "Antz," and "Scenes From A Mall";
  • Why Allen was not allowed to direct the movie version of his play, "Play It Again Sam";
  • How "Annie Hall" originally didn't include a lot of Annie Hall;
  • How far Allen's creative control goes;
  • And, of course, the sexual molestation charges filed against him in 1992 by Dylan Farrow.
By the way, David is a cousin of my friend Mark Evanier, who he quotes several times in the book.

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