Comedian In Car With The President

This is the episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee where Jerry Seinfeld visits President Obama at the White House. Both men are quite funny, casual, and clever -- as is a uniformed Secret Service agent who won't let them leave the grounds -- and the 1963 Corvette they ride in is pretty cool (you can tell I'm not a car guy). I took particular note of some of the questions about minutia that Seinfeld asked, like whether Obama has a drawer full of underwear that's all the same brand and color. That may seem silly until you realize it's the kind of thing Seinfeld does for a living -- he examines the minutia of life and turns those observations into comedy.

Today, Ken Jennings posted the best comment about the episode on Twitter, suggesting to Seinfeld:
 Maybe don't drive the president around in a car whose license plate says "1963." It wasn't the BEST year for presidents in cars.