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Sunday, January 03, 2016

Oscars Behind The Scenes

My wife used to work as an assistant director in the control room during local television newscasts at WUSA/Washington, DC, and when I would visit, I was always very impressed with the way she, the director, and the others kept things running so smoothly as they moved through the hour, often with breaking news and multiple live shots. I thought of those pressure-filled nights as I watched this clip of famed award show director Louis Horvitz calling the shots during the opening segment of the 1997 Academy Awards telecast as Cuba Gooding Jr. won the first award of the night as Best Supporting Actor for "Jerry Maguire."

I don't know the names of the rest of the crew in the booth with Horvitz or on the cameras, but they deserve praise, too. The only other person I recognized was voiceover talent Randy Thomas, who a few years earlier had become the first woman to do that job for the Oscars.

This seems like part of a longer documentary about what it's like behind the scenes at the Academy Awards. I would like to see that whole thing – if you have a link to it, please send it to me.

[thanks to Diane Weber for the link]