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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

David Agus, "The Lucky Years"

Here's my conversation with Dr. David Agus, best-selling author of "The End Of Illness," about his new book, "The Lucky Years: How To Thrive In The Brave New World Of Health." Among the topics we discussed:
  • Why are these The Lucky Years?
  • With so much medical information available, isn't there the risk of getting misinformation?
  • The impact of technology, e.g. the ability to monitor your health status via apps and fitbits.
  • Do we have enough good doctors to analyze all that data and come to the right conclusions?
  • President Obama announced a billion-dollar moon-shot effort to cure cancer — will that help?
  • Will the development of "Precision Medicine" be only available to the rich?
  • Why are Americans so gullible when it comes to vitamins and supplements?
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