How'd They Make That Movie Sound?

Here's a good piece from Mental Floss about how 10 iconic movie sounds were made. At the bottom of the list is The Wilhelm Scream, which has been heard in dozens of movies. There are also details on how the audio of the "Star Wars" light sabers, the "Indiana Jones" rolling boulder, and the stabbing of Janet Leigh in "Psycho" were created. My favorite is the description from "Terminator 2"...
In Terminator 2: Judgment Day, the T-1000 phases through jail bars to try to capture the T-800, Sarah Connor, and her son John at the mental institution. Sound designer Gary Rydstrom revealed that he came up with a very cost effective way that involved a lot of dog food slowly being sucked out of cans. “What’s amazing to me is the combination of Industrial Light and Magic using millions of dollars of high-tech digital equipment and computers to come up with the visuals, and meanwhile I’m inverting a dog food can,” Rydstrom said.
Listen for it:

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