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Sunday, February 28, 2016

My Oscars Live Tweets

  • Surprised but thrilled that "Spotlight" won Best Picture. Along with "Inside Out," that means both of my Best Of 2015 won Oscars tonight.
  • Here's the original Boston Globe Spotlight story about pedophile priests that was portrayed in the Best Picture.
  • The picks I got right (six out of eight): Best Actress Brie Larson, Best Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, Best Supporting Actress Alicia Vikander, Best Animated Feature "Inside Out," Best Adapted Screenplay "The Big Short," Best Original Screenplay "Spotlight."
  • Maybe now, some women will notice Leonardo DiCaprio after years of ignoring him because of his looks.
  • Based on his poise and professionalism at multiple awards shows, I bet there are lotsa Hollywooders who can't wait to work with Jacob Tremblay.
  • Um, no Abe Vigoda in the In Memoriam tribute at The Oscars? It was only business. [several people have emailed me to say that Vigoda was left out because he died in 2016 -- but so did Alan Rickman, who was included]
  • Please, Academy, let Louis CK host the Oscars next year! So comfortable, so clever, best presenter tonight.
  • My first incorrect Oscars prediction (Mark Rylance for the win in "Bridge Of Spies") coincided with Sly Stallone's last-ever chance to win one. 
  • My wife: "Bruce Vilanch did costume design for Mad Max?"