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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Mike Sexton, "Life's A Gamble"

It's always a pleasure talking with Mike Sexton, who is in the Poker Hall Of Fame for his decades as the game's ambassador, his role in launching the online poker site PartyPoker, and his 15 years as play-by-play man for the World Poker Tour. Earlier this year, Mike was honored for Lifetime Achievement at the American Poker Awards, and now he's written his autobiography, "Life's A Gamble." In discussing it, we touched on:
  • How the World Series Of Poker changed his life in 1984;
  • Why he credits the World Poker Tour for the poker boom of 2003-9;
  • Whether it's harder to be a professional poker player today than when he started;
  • What can be done about players who kill the game's pace by taking too much time;
  • Why poker still doesn't get mainstream advertisers like Pepsi, Apple, and Nike;
  • Some of his golf bets, including one about a guy trying to kick a ball onto the green;
  • How he had to teach software engineers the simplest basics of poker before they could launch PartyPoker.
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