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Thursday, July 07, 2016

An Oral History of "Die Hard"

Here's my conversation with Brian Abrams, author of the oral history of one of the great action movies, "Die Hard." Among the questions I asked him:
  • How was Bruce Willis cast as John McClane?
  • Was it hard for him, as a TV star ("Moonlighting") to get the lead in an action movie?
  • Who else was up for the role?
  • Is it true that John McClane died in the original book?
  • Was that real fear on Alan Rickman's face during his final fatal fall?
  • What about the other villains, reporter Richard Thornburg and Deputy Police Chief Dwayne Robinson?
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Brian Abrams' "Die Hard: An Oral History" is available from Amazon as a Kindle Single. Abrams also wrote oral histories of Gawker and "Late Night With David Letterman."