Monday, November 21, 2016

Random Thoughts

  • Wehrenberg, the movie theater company based in St. Louis, announced today that it has been sold to Marcus, another family-owned exhibitor based in Milwaukee. Marcus says it plans to keep the Wehrenberg name on its theaters here. I hope it will also keep the iconic Wehrenberg pre-movie intro trailer with the company's name echoing from left to right.
  • Rams head coach Jeff Fisher is now tied for second place with Tom Landry for most losses in an NFL career. The difference is it took Landry 416 games to get to 162 losses (with 250 wins, including two Super Bowl victories with the Cowboys), while Fisher lost that many in 336 games (with 173 wins, including no Super Bowls). I can hear the Los Angeles fans abandoning their newly-returned franchise already, while lots of St. Louisans join me in laughing out loud.