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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Stephen Davis, "Gold Dust Woman"

Stephen Davis has written books about Jim Morrison, Bob Marley, Miles Davis, and other musicians. Now he has a best-selling biography of Stevie Nicks, “Gold Dust Woman.” In my conversation with him, we talked about:
  • How the version of "Rhiannon" we all know isn't the same one Fleetwood Mac recorded;
  • The huge fan base of women who dress like her;
  • How Fleetwood Mac wasn't doing well before she and Lindsay Buckingham joined;
  • Whether they took her just to get him;
  • Whether it's true that she wears fringe and scarves because of Jimi Hendrix;
  • How her song “Gold Dust Woman” is about a drug addict, and how much were drugs part of her life;
  • Stevie's personal and professional relationship with one of the most important producers and executives in rock history;
  • Whether it's true Stevie was asked to do a new Fleetwood Mac album, but refused because she thought no one would buy it.
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