No Garbage In

One of the nice things about no longer having a radio show is I don't have to keep up with pop culture events that I don't care about. I used to have to watch all sorts of stuff simply because I needed to know what was going on and talk about it on the air. But not any more.

Now, I consume a lot less news, which means less stress about the latest outrageous tweet by the Ego In Chief or yet another personnel change at the White House. I refuse to be sucked into the vortex of all-day-all-night non-news programming on cable that serves as nothing more than the basis for filling every second of airtime with panels of arguing pundits.

But that's not all: Not to worry. I still have plenty of things I am interested in, and they fill up my days just fine. Now, if only I could put my mouth on the same no-garbage-in diet as my brain, it wouldn't just be my mental health that's getting better.