Lenore Skenazy, "The Fragile Generation"

Lenore Skenazy was back on my radio show to discuss a piece she wrote for Reason about why we're raising such a fragile generation of children. She argues that millenials' demands for "safe spaces" on college campuses is because they were told by their parents that they can never be too safe. They were protected in everything they did, so they weren't prepared for any kind of conflict or interpersonal problems.

We got into that, as well as kids' lack of free time to just play, without adult supervision, and how even if your kid does want to go outside after school, there aren't any other kids out there because every minute of their lives has been scheduled by their over-protective parents. Lenore says (and I agree) that this makes children less resilient and woefully unprepared not just for a college campus but the real world at large.

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Lenore Skenazy is founder of Free Range Kids and president of the nonprofit Let Grow Foundation.